biggest cities england

Which cities in England are the biggest and most popular for living, and why?

Looking for your new home in England? Here are some of country’s biggest and brightest cities.

London – population 7 million

Huge and sprawling, this economic powerhouse is a mecca for career opportunities. Myriad restaurants, endless museums, sports galore and shopping to rival Paris and New York are all draws. The only downside is its high property costs.

Birmingham – population 1 million

A key player in the Industrial revolution, this progressive city in the West Midlands is now an important commercial hub. Boutique shopping, a strong arts and culture scene and a modern outlook make it a great place to live.

Leeds – population 726,000

Bursting with universities, sports and buzzing nightlife, this metropolitan Yorkshire city is a top contender for settling down. Close to historic York, its diverse mix of architecture means you can pick your preferred home: modern, Georgian or Victorian.

Sheffield – Population 530,000

Rolling hills and nearby peaks give this former steel-smelting city the most stunning vistas around. Public sector and tech jobs make for a strong economy. Love soccer, hiking and climbing? Sheffield is great for outdoorsy residents.

Liverpool – population 467,000

The Beatles, soccer and a zest for culture. This port city is a tourism hub with numerous accolades as a City of Culture, unsurprising given the significant growth of its knowledge economy.

Manchester – Population 430,000

Home of Manchester United and a former textiles city, Manchester’s a thriving place beloved by tourists and locals alike. A city of contrasts, it’s got a rough-around-of-edges charm many love.

Bristol – population 399,000

Bristol is often dubbed UK’s best place to live, and is known for its beautiful scenery, great shopping and top-notch social scene. Good schools, low unemployment and picturesque houses cement its place as one of England’s best places to live.

Removalist London

The big brand name removalists in London

Planning an upcoming move to London? Finding the right removalist firm is not an easy thing. We gathered some essential information about the top removalists in London to help you make a sound choice.

Pickfords – High-end removalist based in the UK – Pickfords move you within the UK or even overseas. They not only osmall ffer removal services but can also provide you with secured storage in London, a professional packing service and moving boxes for sale.

From £38.75, receive a small moving package to get you started!

Very professional, they will arrange a moving consultant to visit your property so they can give you the most accurate quote.

Clockwork Removals – Their team of removalists will do any residential move or office move within the UK or overseas. They are a one-stop-shop for your move and can provide you with a full packing service as well as long and short term storage solutions. Member of the British Association of Removers – call 0800 859 5380 to receive a quick quote from them!

Removals London – From small studios to large properties or offices – Removals London can move them all! Their minimum rate is £40 per hour for 1 man and his van. For larger moves, they can provide with 3 men for £65 per hour. Based in London – they have teams operating throughout the UK and overseas.

Mr Shifter – Residential and office removalists based in London, Mr Shifter operates around the globe. They also provide a full packing service and very secured storage services. Mr Shifter takes moving to the next level by offering a house clearance solution – choose your full house to be cleared or just one area (garden, garage, loft). They can even remove your carpet if needed. Call 0800 917 5601 for a quote on their services!

moving internationally - relocating overseas

Moving internationally – which UK companies can help with relocating overseas

If you’re moving from the UK overseas, you’re in luck – there are a number of companies who can help with your international relocation. Below are a few UK companies who can help you with your overseas move, as well as an overview of the services they provide.

Pickfords – the largest international removals company in the UK, Pickfords has years of experience helping UK locals begin their expat lives overseas. With an international network, Pickfords specialises in global relocation, and offers home and business moving solutions, storage solutions, home insurance, and relocation services assistance.

White and Company – with over 140 years of experience helping UK locals move to Europe, the US, Australia and elsewhere, this company is well known in international removals circles in the UK. In addition to removals services, White and Company also assists with storing, packing and shipping, as well as international job placements for people moving overseas.

The Moving Overseas Company  – offering removals and relocation support throughout the UK and worldwide, this company specialises in international moves from the UK to abroad. The company allocates a Move Co-Ordinator to oversee each move from start to finish, and offers international storage as well as full-service removals assistance.

1st Move International – a specialist moving and shipping organisation offering weekly removals services from the UK to overseas. This company offers removals services for large moves such as homes and companies, but also provides services including car shipping, packing systems, insurance, freight and insurance options. This company prides itself on the speed and safety of its shipping.

Seven Seas Worldwide – focusing on international relocations, Seven Seas helps with personal, business, and student moves from the UK to overseas, and can also help with storage, excess baggage shipping and insurance for your move as well. The company offers a variety of shipping services to suit your international removals needs.

What is the British Association of Removers?

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is an invaluable resource for anyone moving within the UK, from the UK to Europe, or even further overseas. BAR Members will ensure your move goes smoothly from start to finish, and will be there for you in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

For more than a century, the British Association of Removers has been promoting professional excellence in the Removals Industry. BAR follows a Code of Practice, which is the only code in the moving industry that’s approved and monitored by the Trading Standards Institute.

This Code of Practice dictates the standards of service you will receive, the quality of the materials used, the standards of vehicles and warehouses, staff training requirements, and what will happen if something goes wrong. Of the utmost importance, however, is that the Code requires BAR Members to deal with you in a courteous and sympathetic way at all times.

BAR has an online directory of UK removers, commercial removers, self-storage removers and overseas removers for you to browse through in order to find the perfect removalists for your moving job. Furthermore, by entering some details online, you can find a quick estimate of the average price range of your moving job, based on the costs from up to four BAR removal companies.

Being the first UK Trade Association to have Assured Advice, under the Primary Authority regulations and a Trading Standards Institute Code of Practice and an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme, ahead of legislation, BAR is setting professional removal standards in its industry.

Choosing a BAR Member for your moving job will give you the added peace of mind that you are using a reputable, professional and safe remover, who can help you get your priceless furniture, household items and personal goods to your new destination quickly and efficiently.

That’s when you can start setting up your new home!